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San Salvador through all its programmes and services are committed to the development of adults with intellectual disabilities towards self-actualization and to provide them with an opportunity to live a meaningful life, with support and guidance.


Awareness and support services are provided in the Alexandra Community to persons with disabilities, their families and the broader community.

Beneficiaries from Alexandra are provided with transport to Sally’s Workshop on a daily basis and their families are provided with assistance by ways of providing food parcels, clothing and toiletries to the beneficiaries.

  • Garden  of Growth Project:

Our “Garden for Growth” project was started in 2001 and provides employment and training for beneficiaries. We supply the Home and the families of Workshop employees with fresh vegetables, and some fresh produce is supplied to various restaurants, shops and it is for sale to the general public. Fresh vegetables are on sale at San Salvador Home between 08:00AM - 15:00PM weekdays. 

  • Weaving Room and Craft Workshops:

Items made by the residents and workshop attendee are sold directly at the Home and at markets and sale days organised regularly by San Salvador.

  • Christmas pudding sales:

At Christmas time we bake and sell Christmas puddings to raise much needed funds for the organisation. Order now via phone or via email at

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