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San Salvador through all its programmes and services are committed to the development of adults with intellectual disabilities towards self-actualization and to provide them with an opportunity to live a meaningful life, with support and guidance.


This residential facility provides a 24 hour holistic and professional residential care programme, and is staffed by a team comprising of trained and registered care workers, medical personnel, a social worker, craft and weaving instructors, cleaning, catering and administrative personnel.

Services provided include:

  • Medical assessments, treatment and services.

  • Psycho-social services

  • Support and counselling services to the families and significant others of residents

  • Daily living and life skills training and facilitation of the application of such skills (empowerment of the residents)

  • Stimulation and craft activities – more simplified and advanced craft activities aimed at the level of functioning of the residents

  • Weaving and knitting instruction.

  • Reintegration back into the community where appropriate and possible.

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