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Due to the generosity of the listed donors San Salvador is enabled to continue providing excellent services to its beneficiaries.

Donors: (2017-2018)
  • African Mining

  • National Lotteries Commission

  • Simmonds Hampton Trust

  • Thomas Claiborne

  • Linda Nagel Foundation

  • Davies Foundation

  • The Fuchs Foundation

  • Woolworths (food donations)

  • Pick and Pay Foodshare (food donations)

  • Donaldson Trust

  • Workmans Attorneys

  • St. Bonifatius Church

  • India Cares

  • Archer Digital

  • Moneyline Financial Services

  • Dominican Sisters of King WilliamsTown

  • Lewis Stores

  • Pick and Pay

  • Hope Promotions

  • Terracotta Dreams

  • Amjenton (Roza van Zyl & Martin Harris)

  • Private Donors (R 1000 +) – K Brewer, PJ Rubbers, P Turron, J Cavalier, T. Harmse, S Geach, D Horak, S Pryor

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