San Salvador through all its programmes and services are committed to the development of adults with intellectual disabilities towards self-actualization and to provide them with an opportunity to live a meaningful life, with support and guidance.


The introduction of a protected workshop environment in 1991 created an employment and skills training center called “Sally’s Workshop”.

At Sally’s Workshop our residents and dayworkers are given a meaningful work opportunity, either in our Protective Workshop or our income generating projects (Garden of Growth and Weaving Workshop).

We follow a people centered developmental approach and provide capacity building programmes, work skills training and appropriate support services.​

Residents and day-workers work within their own capabilities and speed. Nobody is pressurized above their level of competency and the day workers are remunerated monthly.

The Workshop has been in operation for 25 years and has become a leading community development programme and a significant contributor to the beneficiaries, their families as well as community members from disadvantaged communities, through assistance and support provided by the outreach component of Sally’s Workshop.

​Being gainfully employed in a safe and emotionally conducive environment,  contributes to individual and skills development, which in turn results in an increased feeling of self –worth,  self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment and pride in what they are doing.

 Our residents and day workers are making a meaningful contribution to society and the economy and are given the respect they deserve from the broader community.

Services provided to corporate clients and businesses at Sally’s Workshop include:

  • Assembling of products

  • Counting and packaging of items (e.g. screws, parts, plastic cutlery, papers, etc.)

  • Covering books and other  items

  • Sorting

  • Labelling

  • Bulk serviette folding

  • Counting and packaging plastic items

  • Packaging items in boxes, plastic bags and envelopes

  • Folding and insertion of letter, pamphlets/flyers  and newsletters  into envelopes

  • Skin packing (wrapping in bubble wrap or plastic)

  • Cleaning and washing of parts

  • Constant supervision of workers and quality control and stock control service provided


Our mission is to provide a safe, respectful, loving home for intellectually handicapped adult women at San Salvador in a stimulating environment, where the dignity and self-worth of individuals affected by mental and intellectual disabilities can be upheld and where they can be developed to their full potential.


19 Melville Rd, Hyde Park,

Johannesburg, Gauteng

South Africa


011 788 4646

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